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April 15 2015

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April 12 2015

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An anime cel shop.
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A vast selection of heads at the customer's taste!
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The passage leading from Nakano station to the Nakano Broadway.

In my opinion the #1 go-to spot for otaku shoppers - ahead of Akihabara. It's like a piece of the Akihabra otaku culture, just mashed in a single building. And while Akihabara is quite male-oriented, the merchandise split is pretty much 1:1 across the genders here.
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There is almost no theft in Tokyo - but your umbrella is the least safe possession in the city.
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April 10 2015

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"So, since I have an unreserved seat, are there usually free seats in the non-reserved cars?" "Oh, rest assured, sir, there are always free seats."


Well, standing in a shinkanzen felt about as uncanny as if you didn't get a seat on the airplane. But I suspect the Sunday evening on the first true ohanami weekend was kind of exceptional. And in Nagoya, it freed up a bit and I did snatch a free seat, so all was good in the end.
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But for now, time to take one of the last shinkanzens home.
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Eh, sorry for the swapped order. The food in the ryokan wasn't that special but the eel wasn't bad either!
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Kyoto Tower goodbye shot.
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Of course you can't take photos in there, so I'm at least reposting an ad photo. It's not big! But wasn't crowded either.
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The Kurama onsen is one of the basic hot bath options in Kyoto. There is also a ryokan, dining a few centimeters above the stream in summer, and great views of the surrounding mountain slopes from the outside bath.
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So that's one of the really awesome things in Japan - you pretty much can't go thirsty in there! I think the vending machines must line even the hiking trails.
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But the view is breathtaking. Sorry for posting so many pictures...
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It's like climbing a hill to reach it, but then you notice that maybe you were climbing up a mansion all that time.
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I think the Kurama-dera plays a pretty important role in the Japan history and development of Buddhism?
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