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April 18 2015

And so conclude my (current) Japanese adventures.

Tokyo has many faces. The old streets of Asakusa, bustling night life of Shinjuku, otaku heaven Akihabara and Nakano, hipster Harajuku, the hilly villas of Roppongi, peaceful imperial gardens, reserved Otemachi, sleepy Koto-ku, dystopic Shiodome, futuristic Tokyo Port... each feels like a completely different city, each is beautiful in a different way.

We will be coming back. :-)
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A tea shop.
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So, the last day at work I was taking the freight elevator to the top floor - to discover there is an *extra* floor to choose in it. We have a friggin' heliport at the roof.

I wonder if the director of the National Institute of Informatics is taking a helicopter to work.
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The nearby parks are quite nice, though.
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The Ghibli Museum was underwhelming experience for me. I liked the roof, which really had some feeling of the flying island, and the "animator rooms" e.g. with storyboard originals(?) of two movies to browse, but the rest was kind of meh.

April 17 2015

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Shinkansen hero SHINKALION!
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An actual train simulator. Queues on it, though. Next time!
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Tray(n) station?
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Of course you can sit in a shinkansen too.
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A lovely piece of design of the 50s. This was the first high speed train connecting Tokyo and Osaka (Kyoto), though still much slower than shinkansen.
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Some famous steam engine - on a turntable.
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One of the awesome historical exhibits is a steam engine that has been literally cross-cut so you can see the inside.
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Press a button to raise or lower the collector.
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Saitama Railway Museum. I'd vote it for the most underrated geek attraction in Tokyo.

(These tiny rail engines? You can drive them yourself.)

It's actually at a railway hub so it's situated in the middle of rail corridors for both local tracks and north-bound shinkansen.

April 15 2015

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Starbucks at the Saitama station has a pretty cool view.
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Wait, "funeral welfare center"?
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